Pokerface by Patty (Sparkling Gossip)

there’s one thing I want, I want you to leave me alone in darkness,
there is to much pain if your next too me so, there’s nothing you can do now...
please leave me... but if you have done never forget that I'll love you forever...
your love is poison... and it's to late the poison is here in my veins...

I'm not dead jet, but I'm lying here done on the floor in my one blood half dead....

your right I'm going to leave you now for every time...


20.1.07 20:55

strange day (O__o)

My breakfast. ~ It's looking strange I know...but tasted nice.. ( ̄▽ ̄ )

VodkaStrawberry with Batida de Coco...Ano..It feels like sperm in my mouth (o^∀^o)


Okay enough of such shit, ne? (°___° )

☆ Iroke Akume

☆ 20 years old

☆ 1,63 (≧ε≦ )

☆ smoker

☆ fucking rocker です

☆ bass player

☆ got a dog named Ke-Chan

~> ME |D;


Now..enough of me sayonara.. (´┏_┓` )

3.1.07 18:10

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